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Heinrich Mayer winery

Quality wines in Zell / Mosel

Highest awards for achievements in viniculture:

  • 11 State awards
  • 8 Federal awards
  • Federal award of honor in gold 1993
  • DLG Rare WinesTrophy 2000

weingutfass1.jpg”Mayer wines” have a personality that you really have to see in a visit to the winery: either book a wine tasting in the vineyards or in the Weinstube with friends and colleagues or just come over for a small wine tasting.

My ideal for a Moselle wine is to create light, fruity wines. It is fun to enjoy this wine. But I also have fun making the wine.

The roots of our winery go back to 1654. An important step in the development was the takeover of vineyards in Petersborn in Zell in 1905 and in Kapertchen in Zell in 1970, both first class locations. We take the maintenance of the vineyards very seriously. In almost twenty inspections a year we attempt to create optimal conditions for growing and maturing in order to harvest fully ripened, golden yellow Riesling grapes. The philosophy of our wine making is oriented toward the classic wine making on the Moselle.

weingut1.jpgOn our slate soil we do not fertilize excessively. The nutrients are added through balanced organic fertilization. Almost all first class vineyards use the conventional stake pruning method. The yields are kept to a low, natural level by fertilizing sparingly. The mainly 40-year-old grapevines form only small clusters with fully mature, fantastic aromas.