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Zell city

The wine town Zell with the districts of Kaimt, Merl, and Barl offers visitors the charm of a fun-loving small town and the natural beauty around it in one of the mildest climates in Germany.

hist.jpgThe historic center of town invites you to take a carefree stroll and enjoy a glass in pleasant surroundings. There is plenty to see and do – from the “Round Tower”, part of the old city fortifications and now symbol of the city to the late-Gothic royal castle palace with a Renaissance annex (1530-1536) to the local history museum with numerous documents on the development of the vineyard named "Zeller Schwarze Katz", from the pre- and early history of viniculture in Zell. In this state recognized tourism region, a lot is done for leisure activities – games, sports, and adventures. Joy of life, social and sport activities are part of vacation, and families with children have been very fond of the town for years. So there is a variety of activities in "Zeller Land" with the adventure pool with fun and sport pools, giant slide, mother and child section, solarium, steam and dry sauna, and several play areas. The wine city of Zell is famous for its atmosphere and harmony of nature and culture, of daily routine and vacation, of activity and relaxation, past and present.